Feel the Thrill of the Ultimate Niagara Jet Boat Adventure

Niagara Jet Adventures is the must-do whitewater and historic river boating experience. The NJA boats skim just above the swift waters of the Niagara River, followed by the swirling torrent of the legendary Niagara Gorge class 5 white water rapids, with the hair-raising 360 degree spins for which the Jet Boats are specifically designed.

60 Minutes of PURE ADRENALIN

Enjoy a breathtaking ride through the spectacular Niagara River Gorge while our experienced tour guides safely navigate the treacherous world-class rapids (rapids available on 60 minute tours only). You will get a close-up view of the Niagara River Gorge that is unlike any other tour and you will experience the thrill of acceleration and speed like never before. It is a fun and safe adventure for all ages.

Our World-Famous Jet Boats

Niagara Jet Adventures' Niagara Class Extreme Tour one of a kind tour boats are 32 ft. in length. They have 3 separate power sources that when combined, result in 1650 horsepower. They are specially designed for Niagara Rivers swirling torrents and world-class whitewater rapids for your safety and comfort. All tour boats are U.S. Coast Guard certified, and our experienced guides are trained in the world-class rapids of Hells Canyon in Idaho. Your safety is our first priority.

Why Niagara Jet Adventures

Feel the thrill of the “Jet Boat experience of a lifetime” with Niagara Jet Adventures. Soak up the breathtaking scenes of the Niagara River Gorge while our guides skillfully navigate the whitewaters and torrents.

  • We run tours in the spring, summer, fall and winter (as long as there isn't any ice in/on the water).
  • A breathtaking ride through the spectacular Niagara River Gorge.
  • Custom, new boats.
  • Our new tour boats are quieter and create less wake, making them more environmentally responsible.
  • You can stay dry in climate-controlled comfort, or get wet on our outside and wet deck seats: we give you the choice.
  • Co-Pilot seating (2 seats per boat on either side of the Captain) have a minimum weight resetriction of 80lbs and maximum wieght of 300lbs. Guests must be in good physical conditon in order to hold themselves in an upright position.  Co-Pilot seats are at the front of the boat and have more movement then other seating on the boat.
  • We are only minutes from both the Rainbow and Queenston/Lewiston international bridges.
  • Only 3 minutes from Old Fort Niagara, the oldest stone building on the Great Lakes and the longest continually occupied military base in America.
  • Our skilled guides are not only selected for their extensive driving skills, but also their exuberant personalities and will ensure that you have an experience of a lifetime.



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