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Feel the Thrill of the Ultimate Niagara Jet Boat Adventures

Niagara Jet Adventures (NJA) is the must-do white water and historic jet boating experience. Enjoy views of the spectacular shorelines and the majestic waves of the Devil’s Hole class 5 white water rapids. The NJA boats skim just above the swift waters of the Niagara River Gorge, followed by swirling torrent of the legendary Whirlpool, with the hair-raising 360-degree spins (known as "The Cowboy") for which the jet boats are specifically designed. Tours are 60 minutes in duration. 

Our extreme Jet Boats are 32 ft. in length and 10 ft. wide. They have 3 separate power sources that when combined, result in 1650 horsepower. They are specially designed for Niagara River swirling torrents and world-class Devil's Hole white water rapids for your safety and comfort. We have 3 boats (Wet/Dry combo) available with seating capacities of 42 guests per boat. All Jet Boats are U.S. Coast Guard Certified and our experienced guides are trained in the world-class rapids of Hells Canyon, Idaho. Your safety is our first priority.

Why Niagara Jet Adventures

Feel the thrill of the “Jet Boat experience of a lifetime” with Niagara Jet Adventures. Soak up the breathtaking scenes of the Niagara River valley while our guides skillfully navigate the white waters and torrents while staying dry…or soaking wet!

  • We are only minutes from both the Rainbow and Queenston / Lewiston international bridges.
  • Only 3 minutes from Old Fort Niagara, the oldest stone building on the Great Lakes and the longest continually occupied military base in America
  • A breathtaking ride through the spectacular Niagara River Gorge. Views & Guided Tours include: battle sites of the War of 1812, learn about the "Cave of the Evil Spirits & Native Americans", and see the Sir Adam Beck & Robert Moses Hydro Electrical plants. Experience the beauty of the Niagara Gorge and feel the thrill of the Devil’s Hole class 5 White Water Rapids.
  • The beauty of being the boat builder is that our Jet Boats are always kept in tip top shape and being updated with all the newest, latest, greatest and safest equipment. See details on our sister company: Bohnenkamp's Whitewater Customs (BWC).
  • Our new and innovative Jet Boats are quieter and create less wake, making them more environmentally sensitive to the older style Jet Boats.
  • Our seating is built for the upmost comfort and safety! The seats are air-ride suspension so the seats take the impact of the white water and not your body! 
  • Our skilled guides are not only selected for their extensive driving skills, but also their exuberant personalities and will ensure that you have an experience of a lifetime.
  • We run tours in the spring, summer, fall and winter (as long as there is not any ice in the River).
  • Children must be a minimum of 40 inches tall (average height of a 4 year old). All guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied with a parent/guardian.

All Season Wet/Dry Boats (60 minute Tour)

  • You can stay dry in climate-controlled comfort, or get wet on our outside and Wet Deck seats. We give you the choice. Choose from 2 premium co-pilot seats, 26 interior seats or 16 outside seats (remember a change of clothing for Wet Deck seats).
  • Bring your camera! We have cubbies on the boat to store small bags and cameras.
  • Great views from the interior of the boat. While staying dry, we provide you with great views! Our boats are high enough for guests to stand up tall and our giant windows allow you to get panoramic views of your experience.

Full Wet Experience (60 minute Tour)

While our Wet Jet Boats tours are similar to our Wet/Dry Jet Boats, there are some difference - namely, we get you Wet at Niagara Jet!

  • If you are up for the Wet & Wild thrill of a lifetime, this is the way for you to go!
  • Remember a complete change of clothing will be required!
  • Our Wet Jet Boats are designed to take the impact (5000 tons of water) of the Devil’s Hole class 5 white water rapids while ensuring we get you wet!  
  • Two boats with 1100 horsepower, 32 ft. in length, seating for 38 guests.
  • Open from June 1 – September 30, 2015.

Spin Boats (45 minute Tour) 

Traversing the lower Niagara River up to the Pebbly, just below the Devil’s Hole class 5 white water rapids, this trip is sure to make you wet.

  • Enjoy one of two of our thrilling Spin Boats! It is a Rock ‘n’ Roll coaster on water equiped with 1100 horsepower, topping out at 75 mph and seating up to 20 guests!   
  • Guests will require a complete change of clothing.
  • This trip is for guests looking for fast-paced excitement and the best 360 degree spins in town.
  • Trips are available from June 1 - September 30, 2015.

Spin Boats (30 minute Tour)

Providing scenic and historical tours of the Lower Niagara River. Great for guests looking to learn more about the War of 1812, Native American History and African-American History.

  • Enjoy one of two of our thrilling Spin Boats equipped with 1100 horsepower, topping out at 75 mph and seating up to 20 guests!  
  • A complete change of clothing is recommended as our Captains will most likely throw in a "Cowboy" or two (360 degree spin).
  • Great for the history buff! This tour is available from June 1 – September 30, 2015.

Niagara Falls Tours (2 hours)

NJA will be the first in history to navigate the entire Lower Niagara River all the way to Niagara Falls! State of the art Jet Boats are being designed to travel through the Devil’s Hole class 2 White Water Rapids, into the Whirlpool and through the upper Pipeline class 6 Rapids (also referred to as the Himalayas) all the way to Niagara Falls!  Tours will begin in 2016.

Please contact us for the latest and greatest news on this tour and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Or for advanced reservations, email

Haunted October!

Discover Niagara Rivers Haunted History with Niagara Jet Adventures in Youngstown, NY! Learn about the "Cave of the Evil Spirits" dating back to the Native Americans in 1679. Hear about the Bloody Run massacre in 1763 while traversing the haunted waters of  the Devil’s Hole class 5 white water rapids. NJA will provide guests with a spooktacular 1 hour tour on the lower Niagara River telling you the ghoulish history of Fort Niagara, War of 1812, Sobbing Sophia, the Native American folklore and stories about the Underground Railroad. Haunted tours will be offered for the month of October and are great for all ages! Open daily, reservations are required and guests must be a minimum of 40 inches tall. 

Group and educational rates are available. Call 1.855.652.8687

NJA Kids Camp

Stay tuned about our summer Kids Camp program that we are currently working on with other Niagara Partners!  


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